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Alot of third party blogger blogs have the navigation bar removed from the top of them, such as this one and my Wood-Alley one. On these bars you will find, the "Search Blog" with it's search box, which is a really nice thing to have. It is so your readers can search for particular things in your blog, but then you have immediately after that Flag Blog. Well those words right there let you know that there are blogs out there inappropriate for some age groups and depending on your personal opinions they may be objectionable to you.
Then you have the Next Blog» and this is what I read is the other reason blog template designers have omitted these Navigation (or nav bars) from their templates. When you start searching "Next Blog" you have no idea what just may pop up as the next blog. As parents and grandparents many of us have our computers set so that certain items are not seen by little eyes, and this is where I have read that these blog template designers are helping out and I applaud them all for doing so.
However as the writer of a blog, not having this Navigation bar right there so that you can edit or add, etc. to your post can be a real HASSLE!!!
That is why a couple of days ago in e-mail in box I was really glad to see a META gadget that you will now see in my sidebar that you can get for yourself from Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta (also in my sidebar under my blog must reads). It is a simple import and now when I am on my blog I don't have to go to my bookmarks and then click onto my blogger dashboard just to get to my dashboard to do anything I may need to do. With this now I just simply click on Log in and I am at my dashboard, for all my blogs, just like if you had your nav bar and were clicking on customize. Plus you also have access to your account etc. And no need to worry, no-one else can go messing around. It is set up just as if it were your nav bar.
I have put one on my other blogs that do not have Navigation bars as well. I sure am glad I found this, and you can do the same by going here I know I am thrilled I did. This will make my blogging a lot easier of an experiance.
So my thanks to Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta

thanks for visiting my blog! And for the useful blogging advice. I definitely need the dummies' guide!
take care, patti

I for one just so happened to be able to really use this little tip. I'm glad you found it interesting,

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