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But officer, my GPS made me do it!

Maybe at the tender age of fifty, I have got to come to the realization, I could just be too damn old for the world we live in now-a-days. I mean after all, 2 posts ago I was bragging about having 600 visitors and I do stand behind that. All this techno stuff may be too far advanced for a little ol' mountain gal such as I . You see I just can't believe that someone would drive onto railroad tracks because some sort of talking thing-a-ma-giggy they have in their car told them too.
Now, as The Journal News reports,

a man followed his GPS onto a set of railroad tracks last night and, while he did get out in time to make a surely embarrassing 911 call, that apparently wasn't enough to prevent a commuter train from slamming into the car a few minutes later, causing an hour and a half delay but, thankfully, no injuries.

What an excuse! I can only imagine more to come. "But Officer, my GPS system told me to turn left, I did not realize I was running over my husband's mistress!" comes to mind.
Yep I am getting too old I guess. For me just simply seeing railroad tracks would have told me that this was not the place to turn right. But what the hell do I know. I am getting old!

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