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Women in cow suits

Today, I was thinking instead of following GPS systems into railroad tracks as I wrote about in the previous post, I wanted to spin a little fun into things.
I was thinking about what it would be like to dress up in a cow suit and scare little children by chasing them. I was thinking it would be thrilling to go and urinate on a neighbor of mines front porch! That would be great amusement wouldn't it? But it would only be amusing if I were a little on the buzzed side. But wouldn't it be sooooo cool to get busted also in a cow suit and get booked for disorderly conduct? Wow talkin' about the cows coming "home". Of course I think it would be kinda cool to talk shit to the cop on your way to jail dressed in that cow suit with plastic udders and all.
But this is just a little fantasy of mine, but lo' and behold someone else lived it out for me , all you have to do is Google it!
What do YOU think, I would love to know. Personally I think disorderly conduct isn't quite enough for someone that terrorizes little kids in cow suit's.YOU?

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