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I want to be an EXPERT!!!!

KCRA-TVImage via WikipediaIn the mornings I listen (as I don't actually watch) the news channel KCRA news out of Sacramento Ca,.Its on from 5A.M. until 7 A.M. and then switches over to the today show or you can continue watching it for another couple hours somewhere. As it is, 2 hours of news in the morning is plenty to depress me for the day. Thaaaaaaaaaaank you very much!
Ahhh but this morning I am going to miss an "expert" When they switch to KQCA58 I believe it is called they are having an expert to tell you whether talking about politics at work is a smart thing to do and I guess how to do it if you must.
First I am wondering how you can become an expert on such a topic! What are your credentials? What was the name of that school of political speaking at work? How much does it pay once you graduate from it? And where do I go to get the diploma. I want THAT job title. EXPERT on talking politics in the work place. Yep I bet I could be an EXPERT at that.
Although my schools name is called common sense.
I am so sorry I missed it!

It sounds like I could apply for many jobs that require an "expert." That would be fun.

For example, I could get a job advising people not to eat milk candy made in China...oh wait, I do that! Um, do as I say, NOT as I do!

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