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Looking for the cheapest gasoline?

I just found this site through one of my favorite sites I am always going to called Make Use Of. It just has tons of interesting sites and there is always something there to catch my eye. The one that did today was GasPenny. All you do is click on the link I provided and than place your zip code in and it will tell you who is selling the cheapest gasoline and where they are located. That's it, plain and simple. The reason I found this so fascinating was because of where I live. When I put in my zip code, I was shocked quite honestly of the difference in prices around me AND the fact they even had some of these gas stations listed. So if you are heading out the door with the intention of getting gasoline today and have a couple extra minutes do yourself a favor perhaps, and check out the gas prices around you. You may just find close to a one dollar difference such as I did.


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