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Coming home from my weekend away, I always check my e-mail and then I look in on my blogs and usually check out what I refer to here on Just my day blog as "my blog must reads" In doing that I noticed over at King Al’s Thoughts of the Day he has a post entitled Pet peeve, people who do nothing except badmouth McCain or Obama. The title piqued my interest and off I went on over to read the full post. In reading his post, it brought up a similar pet peeve of mine that I am now going to write about.

First off I agree with "King Al" about what he wrote in his post which you can find here. But what REALLY bugs me (or MY pet peeve)is when they bad mouth each other. Like the T.V. ads you will see. The phone calls you get (right at dinner time). I believe it has something to do with the way I was raised. I can not pin point an example, but somewhere within me, I just lose respect when I hear two grown men who are running for what is considered the most important job in the great United States of America bad mouth each other, with their below the belt comments. There is also the "lets leave out a little of this, and a little of that" comments that you always hear. The half truths. To me this way of presidential campaigning has always made me uncomfortable. The more I hear this kind of bullshit come out of their mouths the less respect I have for them. Then after they have stuck that knife into the back of the voters
(say myself, for instance because that is what it feels like for me)
they twist it one last time by saying, "I am so-and-so and I approve this message." For me and my opinion they are saying
Allison, I am now just a little more disrespectful and a little more petty in my campaign to get you, a voter, to vote for me!


I'm not sure it is really possible to campaign without half-truths, but I wish somebody would just cut out all the negative campaigning.

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