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What does a man got to do to have sex with his girlfriend after a night of partying? Shoot himself of course! Apparently that is exactly what 29-year old Jonathon Guabello did. After his girlfriend refused his advances and just wanted to go to sleep he becomes irate. Hey she is tired and goes to grab sleep in the spare the spare bedroom. What happens next? She is startled by the sound of two gunshots. He them stumbles into the spare room she is in and threatens her, from there he goes into the kitchen and falls into the oven where he knocks himself out. He was them treated for 2 gunshot wounds to the arm and is now being held with threatening violence and firing a weapon in an occupied dwelling. He was being held on $100,000 bail.
I just don't get some lady folk out there in this world. Didn't your boyfriend shooting himself in the arm "turn you on?" Gosh doesn't that just rock your world and impress you into total submissiveness? Yea, I know from a woman's point of view that, that is all shades of attractive!
Oooooh baby your gunshot wounds turn me on!

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