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Drunk E-Mailing Google to the rescue

Hey, You have been drinking, matter of fact you are at least coherent enough to know that you should not drive. So what do you do? You go and drunk e-mail, Yup. Then what happens? Ohhhh you wake up the next morning thinking SHIT !!!! Did I drunk e-mail last night? Well no fear as Gmail engineer Jon Perlow developed "google goggles" as a safety net for inebriated e-mailers.

Yup you are not drunk, you have just read that right! I was so shocked and non believeing I just had to check, and yes it is true. Here's how it works: google googles force a user to solve some easy math problems before allowing them to send a message. If they cannot solve the problem, then they will not be allowed to send mail.
Wow! Since this is still in a testing phase G mail users can activate it by clicking 'Settings; at the top of a Gmail page and then going to the 'Labs' section.
Currently this is only available late at night or on the weekends the time that Google believes people are likely to want to use it.
I am not sure if this will be of big help to me however as I have always sucked at math.
I would love to get some thoughts on this, Anyone?


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