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I just now happened to find this on my dashboard of Blogger. It seems that now you can publish a post from your igoogle home page with what is called the Blogger post gadget. I am doing it right now to see how it works. Just go to your dashboard and click on the “+ Google” to have this added to your home page. I am not quite sure if this particular gadget is something I will use much but I for sure can see how it could be real handy for others.
Quoting from my dashboard about this gadget it says "You can use HTML in the text box, but if you want more rich text editing — for example, to upload a photo — just click “Save Draft” and you’ll get a link to edit the post in the full Blogger post editor."
I just thought I would pass this a long as I had not noticed it yet myself.

Well now I just did use it and all came out fine as you can see. So another gadget from Google that may be very helpful to some!


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