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Somone, take me out to the ballgame, please!

I am not sure whats going on with the world series. October has always been one of my more fun months just because of it. Although I do not keep up with baseball the way I used to I still have always loved the play-offs and then the series itself. It was always a month for me to scream at the television, make long distance bets and long distance phone calls. It was always such a pure and honest clean joy that I have always looked forward too. I have not had that this year at all. I can not seem to get any one into it with me, let alone discuss it or even watch it. It just is not the same this year. The teams are doing great, They made it this far after all, but the passion of those around me in my life has seemed to drift away this year. I suppose with the elections and our economy people just have other stuff on their minds. Yet I would think the series would have been a little vacation from what we are all feeling do to the above. It just isn't that way for me this year and it is sad. Very, very sad indeed.


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