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But words will never hurt me, Bullshit

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me! What bullshit! What a bunch of Fucking Bullshit! At least for me. I do not recall being bullied by anyone growing up nor was I a bully. There was no name calling in my home as a child. So it seems that I would not have such a passion about this subject. However I do. Whenever I hear people name calling one another it bothers me. Now I am talking about between loved ones, or I do not like it in politics, or I absolutely hate it if I hear children doing it to one another. I guess I just find it disrespectful. If you are in a "place" that takes you to being called names than perhaps you should leave. (I realize in situations of woman and verbal abuse it is not that easy) but I am just saying it kind of points to the fact you are not wanted or at least being disrespected. But I am really bitching here on the name caller themselves. If you have to sling horrible words around than just leave.I find that old saying if you have nothing nice to say than don't say it! Is that to hard, especially to those that you know you will hurt? Or am I asking for to much from the human race?


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