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A Pit Bull and a Message

Ireally hate to admit it, but sometimes I will keep my mouth shut to keep the peace, or to keep the peace I should say in others minds. I own a half breed Pit Bull, "Nala." Her pictures are all over this blog and my others. When I got her as puppy and took her into the Veterinarians for shots and then to set her up to be spayed, they asked me her breed, I told them she was half Labrador and traveling sales-dog. I was guilty of an out-right point blank BOLD FACED lie to this Veterinarian. It was brought up that she looked "Pit" I crumbled in defeat as I knew the truth was out. I actually asked this Vet to PLEASE not write that down on "Nala's" paperwork. She would not do it. My dog was now officially "labeled" And I worry about her more. I also have a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. His name is "Buick" and he too is plastered all over my blogs. I do not worry about him hardly at all the way I do about "Nala." Why? Well because he is not labeled and therefore people will not look for something to pick on him about. "Nala" will have to live her life being "different" and looked upon "differently" because of what sooo many people with preconceived notions of what my Nala may do or be capable of doing.
As if Buick could not do the same thing!!!! They are both DOGS afterall!


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