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Chowchilla and more impending horror

In the month of July in the year 1976, something beyond horrible happened here in California. A bus load of school children were in age range from 5 to 14 found themselves along with their bus driver Ed Ray embarking on something that not even a Hollywood Horror Movie could come up with. 3 men over took this bus and took them to a quarry near Livermore and placed  buried them in a furniture van. What was a sunny day quickly and fiercly became a live burial for these 26 children and their driver as they were placed in a white moving van and buried alive. 16 hours of what I can not even fathom these children endured. This is a story that I have never forgotton, EVER. I have driven through Chowchilla a few times on my way to where I live from my father's house. Even ran out of gas once, and I was so impressed with how nice this towns people were. But today I wake up hearing that one of these men could possibly be released from prison because he has been deemed eligable for parole. WHO the FUCK deems a living breathing full blown monster like this eligable for ANYTHING!!!
But a state parole official says 54-year-old Richard Schoenfeld won't be released from a San Luis Obispo prison any time soon because the governor could modify Thursday's decision by a Board of Parole Hearings panel.
What I do not understand? Is how this could even be a topic of discussion! Some times I just don't get things. I just don't fucking get this even getting one bit of media attention, let alone the blood boiling it is doing to me and I am sure I can not even imagine to how many others.
 Matter of fact he must have been in P.C. (Protective Custody) all these years because it seems to me the boys there at San Luis Obispo Prison would have eliminated this problem!!!


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