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Darkness before the dawn

Darkest before the dawn is a saying that I am going to presume most people have heard. If not, it simply means that at night, troubles, worries, etc. seem to be at their worst. In the morning with the rising sun and the promise of a new day , as humans things don't feel or seem so bad!  However have you ever wished you could keep that "darkest before the dawn" feeling for the morning? so that you could unleash it then ? with the promise of a new day?
     I have found myself in this situation today, not once, but two different times, almost to the point of praying that I will get the chance to feel the things I am feeling this evening as vividly as I do right now!
      It is these feelings I have right this very instant that could get me to do what I know needs to be done with my heart AND my soul!
It is in this place, this space that I need to be!
But in the morning, they will not be as vivid, they will be discolored somehow. The vibrancy of these moments will not be as intense.
So where is it I go to get to the very depths of my soul to let and allow this to show and rear its ugly head when I need it the most,in the new morning sun, in the dawn of a promising new day?


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