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A shop accident, Humble Pie, and Lumberjocks

Last night I had something happen to myself that scared the shit right on out of me. It was a shop accident . (I work with wood) I had no one to un-shatter me about it except those I know over at Lumberjocks. Lumberjocks is a wonderful working with wood community that I feel some of it's members are closer to me than some of my own family members! So I went to them.

This is the letter I wrote in their forums.
Even though it’s been over an hour ago I am still shaking. I was using my band saw when I was cutting a piece of hard wood and I heard and felt the familiar feeling of the blade coming off it’s wheels. Yet I had just got done with the cut and had already put my cut piece down and turned off my saw . It all happened soo fast. I have only owned and ran one band saw in these three years and I really do know it’s little ways. I never thought twice. I opened the door to get to the blade and I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I am sure you know now that it had not fallen off, it had broke. That M.F.er’ flew around that room with no intent of stopping. I was ducking and ducking and ducking some more and I am sure I was screaming at least I think so.(Of course no one came). I was 100% spared and the only reason I think so is the way I was standing and the way I opened that door. I opened it fully so at the very beginning there was nothing to bounce off of (on the machine). I just gave it full reign on wherever it may go.
I learned a very important lesson tonight. I just shudder to think what may have happened. If someone else would have been in that room they surely would have been hit. I just happened to know where everything was and was able to duck good enough. I know the spinning sound of my band saw when I break a blade . All I can think is it had fallen off or was just about ready too and when I opened the door it busted at that very second.
What scares me the most is I am afraid of my own fear. Like falling off a horse, they say you are suppose to get right back on. I don’t see it that way (right now anyway) I am scared I will never touch the thing again!

Here is the link to all the wonderful words of encouragemant, along with reality checks, well wishes, and the such.
I do not know how I would have been feeling all last night and today without them!
If you are interested please check here!


Glad you're ok, machine breakdowns are real scarry and dangerous.

Yes they are! I also need to never EVER lose sight of that!
Thanks for the comment,

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