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Yesterday I went to our bathroom to do bathroom stuff and I found something in there a little odd. So I walked back out to my living room where my "hubby" and a back house renter that I will just call "R" for renter were sitting. I said

"Good God, who needs the axe in the toilet?"
"R" jumps with words and says
"I flushed the toilet"
I then said,
"Then why do you need an axe ?"
(I realized at that moment he had no clue what I was talking about sooo I decided to play on it!)

He kept insisting he had flushed the toilet. By now I had him thoroughly embarrassed and I was starting to have a great deal of fun at his expense.

I finally just said "Look "R" why don't you just go look. Standing and mumbling , he sheepishly headed towards our bathroom. By the time he got into the hallway I was busting up laughing!

This is what he found in our toilet. Seems "hubby" was too lazy to get a bucket of water for our maul, (I am always just calling them axes) (He was swelling the handle to the head)

And my room mate "R"? He says I got one coming and I probably do, but truth be told all I said was
"Good God, who needs the axe in the toilet?"

It was his assuming that caused it all!


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