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Thanksgiving and Humble Pie!

I will be getting up tomorrow morning, (Thanksgiving) like any other day of the year, I will cook dinner like every other day of the year. The difference will be only slight, and that would be that I will be cooking a small turkey for my husband and I. Everything else will pretty much be the norm. We are not football enthusiasts so there really won't be anything different drowning out the quiet of my house on the television. I will wash the dishes tomorrow evening. This year will not bring make-up on my face, nor a dress to wear. I did not go ape shit douching my house this week, nor am I stressed out to the hilt worrying that I have everything, and that everything will be perfect for a wonderful meal between family members. Nope, not this year. Why?

Well because I only have one son whom lives in this town and he will be spending Thanksgiving with the woman he plans to marry in their new home and the other soon to be mother- in- law's home. My other 3 sons all live down in Southern Ca. the oldest will be spending his with his wife and 2 children. My 3rd born will be with his wife and her family and they are having my young one Hunter with them.

By far, Thanksgiving is the one holiday I truly look forward too. I love stressing out, worrying about shit, and douching the house till it's spic and span for my boys. There is not much more out there that satisfies me like feeding a group of hungry boys/men a meal and being appreciated for doing it. It is going to be my loneliest Thanksgiving I have ever had. And yet, tomorrow when I eat my piece of turkey in my jeans without my yearly application of make-up, I will have something to be truly thankful for. And that would be, that I raised my sons to be self sufficient young men, contributing members of society and that all but the young one has now found the love of a woman, and it is time for them to live there own lives, and start making their own Thanksgiving rituals. With that said, I will be thankful for the fact I must have done something right!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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