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Turkeys and surfing!

Yep, with a belly full of Turkey I decided to go surfing. I know it's not the normal thing to do after Thanksgiving dinner, like falling asleep or doing all those dishes, but with Thanksgiving dinner being cooked for just the two of us, the dishes weren't any different than any other day, so surfing is what I decided to do. Late in this Thanksgiving day I know, this is what I found while surfing (the net of course!)
So one last post of some humorous fun on this Thanksgiving Day 2008

So now all the Turkeys can go to sleep tonight in peace, knowing that the price on their head has now been lifted for another year, with the exception of the chosen few that will be in competition with the pig for the main table spot 28 days from today!

Now the floodgates of commercialism and media madness shall begin!

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