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Throw your OWN beer cans away! Please!!!

You know something I have never understood? Beer drinkers with 12 packs. I used to be a beer drinking fool in my younger day. I have not had one in over 11 years, but that does not mean I don't drink. I prefer Rum and Coke now. It's been awhile since I have had beer drinking company around lately, but just recently I find myself in the midst of a couple again. What I remember from back in the day and now I have been "forced" to re-remember is this. Why is it someone with a 12 pack will place it in the fridge. When they are done drinking their beer, they will get up, go to the fridge, grab another beer, and come back, sit down, drink it, and do it all over again. Just one problem. They never take their empty's with them to the can, can. (trash) They have to pass it along the way to get their next beer.
What is up with that?
Who do they assume is going to do that for them?
The tooth fairy?
Perhaps Santa Claus?
Maybe the Easter Bunny?
Just wondering.
I know in my job description nowhere in it states, leave beer cans, Allison is MORE than happy to load them all up to the trash for you.
I may love my friends, but not THAT much!


Very good point! I had noticed this myself once years ago (but forgot about it until you brought it up.)

I can see it happening once someone is pretty buzzed, but I have no idea why they would forget to bring their first bottle to the trash.

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