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11,552 steps and I still have tangles in my hair!

In the frenzy of packing I found myself here in southern Ca. missing a few items. The ones a person should NOT forget to pack. Such as toothpaste, lotion, a better hair combing implement than the one that is carried in my back pocket for those "in between" combings. My hair is a little on the long side and "back pocket combs" don't cut the cake nor comb the hair after a shower. No big deal or so I thought. I am in southern Ca. in a big city where a Starbucks is neatly nestled alongside every corner gas station, that by the way IS every corner. LOL!!!
Ahhh but I also did not bring a car.I received a ride from someone whom is staying miles and miles away from myself. I am here equipped with the transportation that the good Lord gave me and nothing more. All those Starbucks and gas stations on every corner do not have a Wal-Mart next to them nor even a drug store like Walgreens.
I am in a fairly new, still being developed area of Anaheim hills. There is not even a grocery store in walking distance from here. So on the fucked-o-meter between 1 and 10 and 10 being the most screwed, I am hovering above the 10. I decided I could not do without much longer, (yes I used my son and his wife's
toothpaste) LOL .
So I did what anyone with long ass hair and no comb who's skin is literally shriveling up would do. I walked down to the gas station/Starbucks and prayed along the way. I also counted the steps. Yes I know that sounds weird but the hills here are really hills and I just needed something to occupy my mind for the long haul.
5,776 steps later I arrived at my destination. I got myself a tube of toothpaste the size of my little finger, but it cost the price of one of those huge tubes you can get at say a Wal-Mart. Lotion, well I also got a little of that also. When I say little, I mean little. Enough perhaps for the walk home.
But my main item?
The comb/brush.
I could have bought a whole pack of assorted combs in a bag.
All in different colors I might add.
You know the kind.
The kind you carry in your back pocket for those "in between" combing's!

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