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I pulled it off!

Well I have now been home for two days. I am just now feeling like I am getting back to normal. Of course I am not sure what normal is, nor if assuming I can get that way is a fair portrait of myself. But any how, I did a whole shit load of posting on my Pinetown's First Lady Living Life in Lassen County in the White House just trying to catch up with the daily pics.
Then in my e-mail today I see this Google chat gadget that you will now see here below the posts. I am like a little kid sometimes when it comes to these things. I just had to have it yet I have no clue how it works. I am hoping one of my readers will be so kind as to explain this to this old lady! LOL!!!
All in all I did not know if I had it in me to pull off all the things I did these last ten days and still be here to write about it. but I did and in reality it was quite refreshing to be that busy. I kind of enjoyed it. So until tomorrow when I plan on posting daily again Good-Night!
and PEACE!!!

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