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Right now on 12-11-2008 at 6:38 P.M. my husband has a show going on the television that I can not see but I can hear called, "Smoking Guns World's Dumbest Meltdowns." This show is about the meltdowns of celebrities for various reasons. They have already done the Brittney Spears head shaving, crotch showing meltdown that we all have been pretty must forced to know about in today's media. But the one that I am writing about just upsets me soooo!!!
It is about Heather Mills. You know Heather, the gal that was married to Beatle Paul McCartney? They were showing bits and pieces of various interviews and talk shows in England and here in the U.S.A. about their over publicized divorce and the impending settlement she was to receive. At the end of this segment on her they show her bawling her eyes out over the fact she only received 50 million dollars, and this is what provoked  little old  me from Westwood to write this post.
I cannot believe the injustice here.
Can you imagine how horrible it had to be? To be married to Paul McCartney?  The utter SHAME that must have been for her. All the publicity that went along with it? And what about that wedding huh? pretty shabby. And then the gifts that she received through this union. Now I am not one to say that I KNOW what those gifts were. But someone like Paul McCartney they were probably a pitiful diamond or two, (ring, bracelets, anklets), and perhaps a couple cars. She was probably FORCED to be driven around in Limo's and probably had to have someone go do her clothes shopping for her, and made her wear horrible, horrible clothing. She probably never got to fly first class, more like she had to deal with a personal "airplane"
And can you just imagine how awful and how much bullshit she had to put up with when it came to what home and what continent she would have to spend the night at?
And on top of that she had to deal with this for 3 years! 3 years!!!  I tell you! This poor woman had to go through this hell for 3 whole years and all she got was 50 million dollars in the divorce settlement.
Shit , The fucking AUDACITY of Paul McCartney to give her such a paltry settlement!
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Thank you for the comment on my blog! Great to hear from a fellow Gresham-born. Knowing you liked seeing a bit of your past through my pictures makes me happy. Your post here about "poor" Heather Mills made me smile too. I agree with you completely! Stop by and say hi any time!

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