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I won, I won, I won!!!

When I first started learning the computer, (almost 2 years ago now) I was entering "contests" and "draws". It was not long till I realized I had made a huge mistake. The spam started rolling in. "New offers" filled up my inbox!
But the other day over at Blogger Buster, (you will see I have the site in my sidebar of my blog must reads) they were having a very simplistic giveaway. Just give your name etc, and if you are the first (I don't remember the #) to do so, you could win a $10.00 Blogger template.
ThemeForest's $25,000 Giveaway - Your chance to get a premium Blogger theme for FREE!
Amanda,the author over at Blogger Buster has taught me everything I know so far about blogging, like HTML, CSS, etc. and she has a huge following. I just thought to myself, even getting spammed by them could not be a bad thing. LOL!!! She has started designing templates for Theme Forest and I have had my eye on one in particular called Planet Play. It was being offered for $10.00. I have been looking at this Template as I have been wanting to do something with my blog This too shall pass (thru). I made a lot of mistakes on that one from the get go. Like the address for it was completely different than the name of it and I was always messing things up because of that. People would think it was called to 2pass2me (the blogger address) etc.
Anyway I won!!! I have NEVER won anything in my life, well perhaps a couple little jackpots at a casino, and some money from California's scratchers . But NOTHING without investing money to begin with.
So Please stop by my new blog, It is going to have a lot of my old posts in it, but because of Amanda's designing of it, it is much more user friendly. Also the offer is still on, if you would like to share a joke, a picture, or something unuasual please just mail it to me and I will do just that. Just let me know whether you want me to post your name, etc.
Also anything there is for the taking. I received them all through e-mails, family, friends and my own web surfing.
Stop on by
And the name is the same as the address

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