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Still trying to catch up after 10 days of being gone, I went blog surfing on and off all day. I went to my usual's like King Al’s Thoughts of the Day where I am never disappointed. I did a lot of woodworking site surfing, and then I stopped by DrowseyMonkeys blog. Another site that you will never find boring. Always something going on over there. Anyway it was through HER site that I noticed something that caught my eye. A blog called Awake in Rochester. So I thought I would go do a check it out thing.
Well when I got there she had a heartwarming and sad, yet truthful post about the loss of her mother, and then further down she had a post under wordless Wednesdays, Anyway it was pictures of military with the statement of Don't forget. And all I really want to say is I am always so heart warmed when I see pictures like this with this sentiment. Those that have been reading me know that Troy my 3rd born is an 18 month Iraqi combat Veteran and it was him I got to see all day long for his 25th birthday just last week. It means a great deal to me to see this message. With elections, the economy , gas prices and now the holiday season I feel like there is not enough said about our Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, Fathers , Mothers, Sons and Daughters and Friends that are on foreign soil doing what they are doing!
And thank you Awake in Rochester

Yes, they definitely deserve more publicity and support!

Ah, thanks for the mention sweetie :) Yes, I found Awake in Rochester's post to be very moving, very personal and real.

I like your new layout, it took me a while to figure it out 'cause I'm easily confused, HAHA ... but what a very cool template!

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Thanks so much for commenting. As always it is appreciated. And yea I change my template way too much, but I do like this one because I always am posting pictures and it takes up the whole page. LOL!!! This way there is not all that scrolling!I am going to see if I can keep this one for 6 months.
Yea, I am laughing also!!!

@ King Al. Thanks for your comment. I do so think that they need more mention. I sometimes feel as if they have been placed on the back burner and that bums me out.

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