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My whole family forgot it was my birthday.

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When I woke up this morning and opened my eyes, my husband Dave was right there, greeting me with the words "Happy Birthday Baby!"
It was particularly meaningful due to the fact it seemed as if he were just waiting for me to open my eyes so he could speak those words to me. It was very very nice and a great way to start my day!

Just a few minutes later as I was getting up my girlfriend Gayla called from southern Ca. with the same birthday wish. It too was so nice.
When I had my eyes opened up enough to read the written word, I checked my e-mail. In that was a whole lot more birthday wishes for me from a friend I just met this past year. Many humorous , some charming and some down right heart tugging. I posted a bunch of them here and some more of them on my "A Daily Laugh" blog.
About late morning one of my sons saw I had my chat line opened and so he "chatted" with me. The usual stuff we talk about on an almost daily basis.

Then early afternoon the son that lives here in this town where I live called. He called to tell me that his son (my grandson Jeremiah) was going to be visiting his mom (who lives 2 doors down from me) if I wanted to visit. Which of course I did and I did. We took some pictures etc.
The day wore on, my brother-in-law called in the late afternoon and he wished me a happy birthday. I then received one more call a few minutes ago from the mother of Jeremiahs mom, Cheryl. I am now going to bed, the day over, although I had a very nice day, nothing to complain about. The weather was great, I saw my grandson etc, The only complaint EVERYBODY in my family forgot my birthday.
I have 4 sons, and although I "chatted" with one, and talked on the phone with the other, neither one of them remembered.
All my life I have always had my birthday forgotton. For some reason everybody always thinks its December 31st. And in my whole life I have never had ALL of my boys remember it.usually I score two for two. 2 that remember the right date and 2 that do not (I always get happy birthday phone calls on December 31st)
But I have NEVER been forgotton by every single person in my family before.
This was a first and it hurt. It stings real bad!
But I know in the morning the phone will ring and the yearly discussion on "I thought it was the 31st, MOM conversation will come once again." My father has never forgot either and I doubt if he did this year but he is in a hospital and unable to call, so he of course is forgiven. LOL!!!
Sure doesn't make me sound very loved does it?
I am so thankful to my friends for today could have and would have been very very, sad. Soooo until next year when once again my family doesn't remember the real birth date, I will lay myself down to sleep tonight knowing I still have friends!!!
and thankful that God gave me a sense of humor where I am able and capable of just laughing this off
(until next year)

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