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A Friends Birthday wishes for me

Yep, It's that day. That day on the calendar that states you are older on this date. Of course we are older every single second, but a calendar makes it a "yearly" deal. Personally I have always thought that the one that gives birth is the one the birthday should be for. They are the ones that went through 9 months of pregnancy and then what they had to go through the previous hours and in some cases days to give "you" a birth date , well it sort of seems ass backwards to me. Of course it is my "Birth date" but it just seems like Dear ol' mom (rest her soul) is the one that should be celebrated. I mean it was her that went through all the physical hell and then she had to put up with me for the rest of her life. But I guess that's why they made Mother's Day and I should just quit trying to wiggle out of the fact that, yes, today I need to put another candle on my birthday cake and be thankful that I am alive and here to do so. On the other hand without dear ol mom ........ Here are a couple of very nice and kind well wishes I received from a dear friend that I just met this year!

This was a wish telling me I deserved breakfast in bed. What a nice thought , don't you think?
Looks really yummy huh?


Now this is one I received but I can not click on any comments, but I can imagine what they would be. LOL!!!

This one here was on a video that I sure wish I could share. But I do not know how too. It is the cutest damned thing and so very thoughtful, so to "My Buddy" I thank you for these birthday wishes!


Happy Birthday Allison! Here's to many more!

Happy Birthday. I had just seen your blog tonight, and then went on to other things and found this, thought you'd be interested.

If your birthday is this week (Dec
28–Jan 3), you have at least 4 planets in
your sign, Capricorn, in your new Solar
Return. Some of you have six planets in
Cap all bundled together. What’s this mean?
Power. When you have other planets escorting
your Sun, their energy adds to yours.
Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are all in
Cap now—all high energy planets that will
help you make great strides in your work
and accomplishments in 2009. Moreover,
a recent New Moon in your sign signals
to you that this is a year for you to plant
seeds, start new endeavors, and to work on
new projects—stuff that is much bigger/
better than you’ve ever done before. Venus
is also on center stage this year. Singles, you
could find the love of your life in the months
ahead as she conjuncts Neptune in your SR
this year. Friends have your best interests at
heart—listen to their ideas, Capricorn. As
times change.

Travis, Thanks!!! I appreciate the birthday wishes! Right on.

To Jim, by God that's some very encouraging words you just wrote here. Man Talk about what the Doctor ordered. THANKS!!!

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