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Stupid Math question of the day!!!

I wrote a post a couple days ago entitled "Who is your role model" It was sent to me from my 3rd born son Troy in the spirit of funny. I in turn posted it here in the spirit of funny. However one of my readers and a couple of my friends explained to me that they knew I was going to be the #9 before they even scrolled down. I would love to know how they knew this.
I am the master to mathematical illiteracy. I should be the poster child to "Why it is important to learn math" Over at King Al’s Thoughts of the Day he occasionally runs a post that he calls "Stupid math question of the day" Let me tell you , one ought to just cut the middle man and put my face there.
Always excellent in school, I mean for the most part I was a B+ to A student, except math. Since I did so well in other subjects I believe that one of two things occurred for me. I was always blessed with excellent teachers whom made learning fun. EXCEPT, (I kid you not when I tell you) the two math teachers I had in high school were like this. One a female approximately 110 years old, stood 4 feet 10 inches tops and walked around the classroom with a pointer that she used as a stick. She would walk around and SLAM that stick on to your desk and scare the shit right on out of you. The other was a man. Probably in his 30's who spoke monotone. Now first not being good at math and then to have it taught to me by a man that had no exclamation in his voice made it down right boring!!! boring!!! and did I mention boring!!! Add to that in my day to graduate high school you only need have basic math. For the most part had ANY of my other teachers who taught me throughout my life taught math I perhaps would have learned a little something.
So , I am asking a math question on this Christmas day. How does it work out that the numbers always end up being #9 in the post I am speaking of.
Please I have no shame in being the stupid , in stupid math question of the day or any other way of finding out, what I am sure is a very simplistic answer. Any teachers out there want to help a 50 year young student?????
I bet there are those that are thinking"Why does she not just google it?" Well the answer to that my friend is I would not even know where to start!
Yup STUPID is a nice term in reference to me and math.
Also just a bit of irony in all this. Working with wood like I do with scroll work and especially intarsia, math is such a vital part of the whole process. So if there are any kids reading this, there is truth that YOU DO need math in all that you do, even a little woodworking on the side.

Heck, Your the smartest dumb lady I know ..........

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