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A Fairy Tale ending to blogging!!!

I have found what I guess could be called Internet friends in this pretty new for me journey of the Internet and/or blogging. I have found some blogs that I really, really do enjoy, and what is nicer than that is when you find the person behind the blog being a personable human being.

I suppose they could really be the biggest asshole around, but when you start commenting and reading others comments , and then reading comments from the blog owner to the other commenting readers, (did you understand all that because I am not sure I did?) I can't help but think they they are pretty much showing their true personality.

Then out of the clear blue for no apparent reason you find yourself hooked, lined, and sinkered on this particular blog and the post's STOP. Just stop for no apparent reason,you find yourself lucky if the blog you have yourself addicted to is putting out a post a week let alone the usual 3or 4, or a post a day.

This is what I myself believe is what happens.

I find if you are following a blog and something personal, (bad) has happened in the bloggers life, they will tell you so.

They will post something like "My dear old Grampa Jake has left us now and we will be gone for a few for a few days and I won't be posting."

I was a faithful reader of a blog that came out of Southern ca. and the blog owner excused themselves for awhile as they were doing things much more important, such as praying their home was not going to burn down in the horrendous firestorms that hit So. California not to long ago....

Them there's are those that I think perhaps got blogging burnout , they came up the ranks with bloggers so fast that perhaps it made their heads spin. They just stopped because they were burned out. I had that happen in two blogs I would read everyday. then one day it just stopped, no more posts, no more explanations, their blog is still there but the last day they posted was 6 months ago.

Soooo my explanation to those bloggers in between, the ones that have a good following, the ones you really enjoy and actually look forward to reading on a daily basis, and therefore usually shows that the blog writer really enjoyed doing it is this


My answer to the age old question on why a very good blog with a very good blog writer, whom obviously enjoyed blogging, AND has not let his/her readers know the abruptness of slowing down let alone quitting is.............


They have fallen in love,

Nothing is more powerful and time consuming then new love. A blogger who finds their selves in "New Love" may have many an hour to blog but they can't. they have other things to think about. Whether or not they really want to write a post they can't because new love has them consumed.
Of course I could just be living in a fairy tale world with hopes and dreams, and the perfect excuse for those who's blogs I so enjoy that have just quit blogging!

But it is kinda nice fairy tale ending to a blogging story do you not think?

Or they're dead, LOL. Sorry, I'm such a crank. But you're right, having them in love is a much nicer ending to the fairy tale :)

I know what you mean tho, I've know some bloggers to just close shop and start up under a new name ... and not tell anyone! LOL Odd.

Honestly I never thought of them starting up under a new name,if they already have faithful readers isn't that what most of us want? If I just wanted to write to my own self than I , well, would just write to myself, like on a piece of paper!

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