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This is not the only blog I have in the making . I actually have my website about woodworking and I have what I refer to as my humor blog, and then the one I have learned the most from is a photo a day blog, sort of a photo diary if you will, showing pictures on a daily basis of my town and those I know in it. The links to all these are on my sidebar here on this blog.
In my search of a picture or two, or many for today, I had ended up posting kind of a joke about my hubby and him shoveling snow , just all in good fun. 
After posting for the day my husband pointed out our sunset and it was BEAUTIFUL!
I thought since I had already posted for the day on the other blog I would share a few of the pictures I did not share on the other blog. I just personally think they are very pretty and for an amateur picture taker they sure were fun to take. These are taken from my back yard, over a mountain named Dyer, in Northestern Ca.
The following two are from last yesterday afternoon!


These are lovely :) You should join skywatch friday, there's a link for it on my photoblog. There are other photo meme links there - they're a lot of fun and you get to see photos from all over the world.

I love those pictures. Very pretty. Especially the one with the sun setting behind it. Nicely done!

Hey, Thanks Drowsey and Thanks Travis. I too thought they came out nice. I was just so lucky. It just happened that I was at the right place at the right time!
Again thanks you guys for taking the time to comment!

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