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How do you use a calendar?

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Another year has come and gone. How do I know?
Because the calendar tells me so!
I never have thought a whole lot about it before, but a calendar is an essential part of (even) my life!  It is there to remind me of birthdays, (Maybe I ought to get one for my 4 sons with birthdays pre-written in it) But that could be another whole post!
Oh that's right, it already is!  HERE ( I could not help myself I left my self wide open for that one LOL!!!)
But seriously, I find myself looking at my calendar several times a day. I have an online one, and I have google send me "reminders" via e-mail all the time. But myself? I much prefer and use the good old fashioned paper Calendar. Just today I took last years calendar and transferred my important dates to remember onto my brand new sparkling and crisp calendar for 2009. The one I am using this year comes from Pillsbury. It has a recipe for every month. This in turn will add something for me to add to my New Years Resolutions. I now want to make the monthly recipe on this calendar in the month it is shown. But honestly they are all so deliscious looking and simple recipes, I perhaps may actually fulfill that resolution!
Yep I am in constant use of my calendar, probably not doing to well when it came to remembering to do things, or dates of importance, or just sentimental dates, (I have a lot of those) without one. 
Soooo here's to new calendars and to a New Year.
I wish all who read this the best in New Year's wishes.
And for the hell of it and for my own curiosity, I think I will add a poll for this month on my sidebar asking which kind of Calendars you prefer, Paper, Online, or none at all. If I get any answers I will post them on February 1st to see what all has voted on.
How will I remember to do that?
Well my calendar of course!
Happy New Year !
Allison A.K.A. Moon-Writer

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