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I have been commenting on others blogs for two reasons mainly
#1. is I like to, I never comment on something I read that I don't care about so if I leave a comment on your blog it is because I truly want to and your subject matter is worth it to me that I feel the desire to say something on it.
#2. Because I like your subject matter I in fact will most likely be back so I am a little selfish that I am thinking internet friends per say. I don't expect you to post on mine but just know that I appreciate the opportunity to post in your comment section.
My complaint?
Having  a comment form on your blog and then you pick and chose which ones you are going to allow to be posted. I am no spammer, I have never left a mean or nasty comment on anyones blog, and I do not cuss, (except on King Als blog and he said I could LOL!!!)
I find that a huge insult. This has been happening to me on one particular blog. first time I ignored it, second time I was aggravated and wondered why? So I tried one more time, and this person did it again. Needless to say I will not do it anymore, but it bugs me because I wonder why. There are others comments that "went through" but not mine.
I think it is FUCKING RUDE, and obviously I won't be back.
Anyone else have any thoughts on this? If you do it will you tell me why you chose to leave some people out?
Thanks I am dying to know

I GET the comment moderation...kinda. But for me, it's just as easy to delete spam as it is to approve a post. So why not just allow anybody to leave a comment? Besides, most comment systems have some sort of spam protection. And if one gets through, I just delete it. No big deal. I stay on top of all my comments as I get an email stating whoever commented. I check it out. If its legit, I leave it alone. If it ain't, Delete!

I generally allow any comment, but if the comment has at least 2 links, I have to approve it (because there is a good chance that it is spam.)

To Travis and to King Al, I understand comment moderation. I totally understand that, I guess i did not make myself clear. (I hate it when I do that LOL!!!) I don't understand when my comments (which are not spam) are not published. If you want comments, then why not publish them (except for obviously spam,) or perhaps someone just saying "nice post" when there are a lot of comments. But other than that I do not know why you would invite comments and then not publish them!
AND by the way, Thanks for commenting! LOL!!!

It's not just rude, it's ... I dunno, kind of high and mighty, LOL.

I remember when I used to be on blog catalog this was a topic one time. I'll always remember one blogger in particular either didn't allow certain comments or edited them. She felt she didn't want bad grammar on her bog because it lowered its standard. To which I replied she was nuts, or something like hat, LOL

Same with not allowing certain comments. Her rational was that newspapers do that all the time. If you write a letter to the editor they'll edit it for grammatical & spelling errors, and they don't print all of them.

Two things - she wasn't a newspaper (lol) and most newspapers that are on line don't change comments and only delete them (or don't allow them) if there are threats or really rude language.

Anyway - everyone's blog is their own to do what they want ... but I agree with you ... I wouldn't bother visiting that blog again.

Okay - sorry for the long ranting comment!

No Drowsey I appreciate your "rant" LOL!!!
I am so glad I finally got some feedback on something I seriously wanted to know about. I do believe your "high and mighty" is the way I wanted to say it. I just did not know how. I can't help but feel that way also. But when push comes to shove, as you said it is their blogs, but I don't have to read them!Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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