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I am a grandmother again!!!

Any one that has ever read this blog knows I have 3 grandchildren. My youngest is Andrew Robert who just turned 2 last month, then I have Katie Ann who turned 3 last September. Then there is Jeremiah Lee that I write about the most since he lives in my town who just turned 7 a few days back!
But none of my children have adopted a child until now. I would like you to meet the new owner of my son Troy and his wife Dil, (known as Amanda by all others) His name is Chumba! The reason I say he owns them and not the other way around is because when you are a true pet lover and owner the animals own you! After all Chumba has already made "his people" take adorable pictures of him to mail out.! Is he not just a little QT? He is an Italian greyhound, 9 weeks old and will only be 13 or 14 lbs tops when he grows up.
I have already received updates of his potty training habits, (which are excellent) You go Chumba!!!! Only a dog that owns his parents get people to divulge that much information! Yup I think Chumba found himself some good "people"!!!

I am so cute picture,
and then 

I have only just begun picture.
So Congratulations goes out to the new owner of my son Troy and his wife Dil. Congratulations Chumba, you found yourself a great set of folks to run!

Oh my gosh. I say again, Oh my gosh. That's the cutest little face :) Congrats!

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