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Barack H. Obama

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 20:  Vice President-elect...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeWow, What a day so far! Woke up super early to watch the inauguration of our 44th president of the United States of America. And I am soooo glad I did. I would not have missed it for nothing! I did not even come over to my computer. Glued to that T.V. set like it was the thing to do.
Because for me it was the thing to do!!!
I watched on Channel 3  KCRA this morning starting at 5 A.M. then on to the today show and just sat there in awe until after his swearing in and his acceptance speech!
What a day of unity in my eyes, a  day when race is not in the forefront. What a wonderful day to be an American. What a class act that man is. His humbleness never ceases to amaze me, and the fact he never forgets where he came frrom!
Oh I am so proud of America today.
Whether you voted for him or not, this will be a day that will go down in history like no other. And I sure am glad I could sit in my home, in front of my T.V. with the choice of being able to watch this inauguration or not, and then being able to walk on over to my computer and blog on the subject with no one telling me I can or can not.
God I love America!
God Bless HER!!!

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