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What does your phone # spell?

What does your phone number spell? This is a fun and interesting little site I found awhile back, finding it again only when one of my New Year's resolutions was to go through my tons and tons of book marks! LOL!!!
Go here and type in your home phone number, or your cell # and find out if it spells something. Than say it spells I am a dog, or maybe something nicer like luvalot, ( LOL!!!) you than can tell people when you meet them and want to give out your phone number instead of say 555-5555 u say Iam-adog!
Cool Huh?
Check it out!
You may find yourself there for quite awhile putting in your #'s and your friends #'s and then your friends, friends #'s
Great way to fill out your phone book also!
Have fun,

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