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Still in the process of one of my New Years resolutions, which is to go through my wide array of book marks and eliminate the ones that I am not, nor even ever have used. I have far too many of them and they are really out of control. In the midst of this madness, I came across another one I wish to share. This one was saved just a short time ago. 
Twitter Buttons is the name of the site. As stated in their header, this is the "your source for free Twitter Buttons." They have a nice selection over there. I am using one in the right bottom section of my side bar. They have several to pick from, and there are those that are animated even. Sooo if you are interested in making your "Tweets" stand out on your blog, than give this site a look see. There is bound to be a "Twitter Button" for you.

That is a cool site. I'll have to grab one of those for my other blog.

Yes Eric, I agree. I have a different one on all my blogs. Seems to be something for everyone.!
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