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Buick and a Watery Wednesday

Buick is my Watery Wednesday picture. I have never known a dog that will play in a sprinkler for hours on end and enjoys every minute of it. The higher the water, the higher he will jump. He is my dog "Buick" So as to not upset his little sister "Nala" whom is actually younger than him but much bigger I will add a picture of her swimming in the pond behind my house.

Trying to look pretty

And my favorite shot of him "catching some air"

And "Nala" so her feelings don't get hurt!!!
My Watery Wednesday, You can find a whole lot more by clicking below

What fantastic action shots! I love them! Cute dogs too Ü

What fun photographs. I love them and I love your dogs.

Buick is hysterically funny - it looks like he wants to bite the water!


Tink *~*~*

My Mobile Adventures *~*~* Presents: The Feast - Sanibel Island, Florida

Buick is a great name for a dog. It's the first one I heard of. He's happiest in water or with water. Thanks for dropping by.

Love it when he goes airborne!

Thanks you all for the nice comments. Ya know I have always been a dog lover, and have always owned dogs until they died of old age. "Buick" however is a breed among his own. This dog is AMAZING to see with a sprinkler. We literally have to hide sprinkling from him and or stand out there and pay attention. I truly believe he could and would run himself to death with a sprinkler.
Thanks again so very much for stopping by!
Moon-Writer normally known as plain ol' Allison

Oh my gosh, this is great fun!

Those were great. I was smiling from the first shot. It must have been taking pictures of him.

He is wonderful in the water. And she is gorgeous in a much quieter way. Isn't it funny how they are so different, and yet each wants the attention for what they are good at! I had one cat who was declawed, but learned to catch mice anyway. He always brought them home and called someone to the door to admire his skill. After a few minutes he would go away and eat his prey. I lost count of the number of times he got me out of bed...

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