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Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday. This picture was taken on April 11th of last year at what is known here in my town as the "Mill Pond" A runoff of Robber's Creek in Westwood Ca. Not the affluent Westwood by Los Angeles but a little mountain town in Lassen County in northeastern Ca. with a whopping population of 2 thousand people.
I could not resist. I just had to use water effect on this again. I just LOVE what that site can do to certain pictures!

By the way this is overlooking Dyer Mountain

I would like to thank all of you that may stop by here. I am really enjoying these memes. I enjoy posting them and I really enjoy checking out all of yours.
For more of these Watery Wednesday click on the link below!

Love the live action surf line. Almost like I'm there ...

I like it. I think the effect is very cool. :-)

Very nice pictures, I like the second one. I also like the layout of your blog.

Very beautiful captures. I love the wave effects. Smiles B

that water effect is like real!

My Watery Wednesday entry is posted here. Hope you can drop by, too.

Great shots. Well-done.

I really enjoy your blog and the watery scenes are beautiful. I did a little photo of mine with my mare and I going through a creek...with your watery affect..HA! Looks as though the creek has swallowed us!
Thanks for the fun

Love that effect you put in that photo.

Love the water against the mountains. Very good shot.

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