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Coach on "Survivor"

I just this minute got through with watching a special edition of Survivor-Tocantins. It was not the usual show per say, no games, no "the tribe has spoken". It was a more in depth look at the people whom are playing, along with some unseen footage. 
I have not been very quiet on my view of the one I am calling "homeboy." That would be coach. He lives just 21 miles east of me in the town of Susanville, Ca. which is located in northern Ca. 
Personally I have been saying he is all mouth, no action. I also have been saying I never see him pull his weight as far as the games go. And so far I still feel that way! However tonight the viewers got to see a bit of personality come out on them all.
At one point Coach pretended to be conducting a non existant symphony. This is what he does in what I call real life. He explained a bit about what movements are used and why, when it comes to conducting a symphony. 
Quite honestly I happened to be impressed. I know I learned a little something about being a conductor tonight through him and I found it very interesting. And in doing so it softened me a bit on what I perceive him to be like as a human being on the streets. 
He did not let me down though in other parts of his story, as he still showed a holier than thou persona that has been seen by all since the start of this show. And at the end tonight they showed a preview of whats to come next week. It looks as though old coach is going to have a little fight on his hands to stay on the show and not get voted off as they mentioned he will be getting turned on by his fellow tribe members. 
As I close this post I will say again, that this is a game. He and all the others are there to play a game and walk away with one million dollars. The way he is playing it, may just be the right way. So until next week, (when it will be on at it's regularly scheduled time) I will wait to watch "homeboy" play a game for one million dollars!

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