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Skywatch Friday and cotton candy clouds.

I love these photo memes. It gives me a chance to see all over the world, meet new people, find new blog reads. It also (Skywatch Friday) is sooo big that I never even come close to visiting all the other's blogs. I can not be the only one out there, that perhaps feels a little overwhelmed with it all, am I? So what I have tried to do is visit blogs I have NOT been to before, yet that makes me feel bad to those that have been faithful in coming back to mine and commenting.
I am just trying to say that if you say have visited 2 times in a row and left a comment, yet you notice I have not, it is not a dis, in any way. It is just life gets in the way of visiting everyone's. I live in such a small town with so little people that when I wake up after posting a photo meme somewhere, and I see in my e-mail that there have been comments, it is like Christmas morning as a child with excitement, and no I am NOT exaggerating.I look forward to it that much.
This is the only way of telling those that stop by and leave a comment that I thank you and I really do try to see all. I think right now I am going to be in the mid 200's who have already posted. That's a lot of people before me and it gives an indication of how many will be after me.
So to all thanks, and as always thanks to those that have posted to give me a girl in a little mountain town in Ca. the chance to see the rest of the world.
We have not seen skies this blue forever, but tonight a storm is suppose to be blowing in and this is what we got. What I like to call cotton Candy Clouds. Sounds yummy anyway. LOL!!!
And I am just adding this one because I can not help but think it looks like a bunny on it's back and I even see an eye. I do not know if something was on my lens or what, but it made me smile when I got the camerea home and downloaded it.
Perhaps one HUGE Easter Bunny?
Nice thought anyway!
For other Skywatch Fridays just click below. You will not be disappointed!

What beautiful clouds! We are getting a storm, here, too, but our clouds were scattered and flat!

Beautiful. Your photo makes mee feel I can reach out and touch them! Thank you for sharing!

these are gorgeous. I always love seeing these types of clouds!

PS It's kind of you to be so thoughtful, but don't worry, it's impossible to visit everyone every week. I do what you do. I'm sure most understand.

Very beautiful clouds against a very blue sky. I too love to see all the pictures from around the world. I invite you to come see my clearing sunshine. - Margy

I love cotton candy clouds in the bluest sky!!

Stunning I love big puffy clouds

Great clouds. We don't see those around here much, but maybe the Easter bunny will pay us a visit this weekend! Enjoy the first day of spring and don't feel back about not getting around to returning comments - life has a way of keeping us busy!

"cotton candy clouds", it doesn't just sound yummy, it looks yummy too! :D

These are lovely..happy sky watching-

Beautiful billowing cottonwool clouds.

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