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108 and 8 years old. Camera Critters

Meet Slower. Slower has been in my family since I was 2 years old. At the time we took him to a vet and was told he was between 50 and 60 years old.  Slower had a mate. Her name was Slow, but she went to tortoise heaven about 5 years ago. He seems sort of lonely now, kinda just mopes around. Of course him being 108 years old may have something to do with it. LOL!!!
My grandson Jeremiah met slower before but he was too young, so I was glad to get them together again.




These pictures were taken at my Dad's house down in  So. Ca. when I went to visit a couple weeks ago.

A funny story about Jeremiahs Dad (Travis) my son. When he was about 18 months old I took Travis out to the backyard to play. He sat down on one of the tortoise's thinking it was just a rock. The tortoise stood up and started to walk away. Scared my son half to death. He was scared to go in my Dad's back yard for years. It WAS funny, but really sad also.
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Have a wonderful week
A.K.A. Allison

Wow! He's so amazing! Love turtles, they're so prehistoric looking.

oh my. how cool. Your family has taken such good care of him for him to live so long. that is wonderful. ♥

happy CC!

Very nice shots...

Love the one of Slower and Jeremiah.

It's really incredible that turtles have such a long life! I wish long and healthy years to Slower!

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