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Skywatch Friday

I love Skywatch Fridays meme. It has so many participants with sooo many fabulous pictures, it can be a bit overwhelming. I mean that in a good way. There's just sooo many
wonderful pictures out there, it's hard to even begin to comment on all the great photography.
Today however I was out getting my daily picture for another blog of mine when I looked up and saw these massive clouds blowing in. I decided to take a couple of pics and when I got home I was sort of stunned when I saw the one I am posting here. So I thought I would join in this week just to share what I thought was sort of a trippy picture. I have the original and then I cropped it twice more.
Does anyone else see an eyeball? LOL!!!
For some REAL great Skywatch Fridays, please click the link below. There are some REAL true artistry in photography here just waiting to be viewed!

Great photos. And yes, I see an eyeball! Stop staring at me!!!

Fabulous shots! The moon this month had some strange and lovely faces! Definitely an eyeball here!

Wow, this a wonderful shot of the moon and the clouds are brilliant.
You captured something lovely.

Yes !!! That is definitely an eyeball !!! :-)

It's a really good photo ... I like the cloud pattern as well...

Very cool !!!

Cool photo this reminds me of the clouds that always pass in front of the moon just before the warewolf starts to change.

Yep! Definitely seeing an eyeball. COOL! Good timing! Great capture. :)

nice shots! i especially like the first one!

Oh yes! There's an eyeball there! A fabulous and unique shot of the Moon!

OooOOoo spooky. It looks like a Halloween sky. The eyeball is staring---go away. LOL MB

Beautiful shots. Yes I can see the eyeball, awesome. Have a nice day..

Beautiful shots. Love the many faces of the moon and you captured a beauty- Aloha-

I love Sky Watch too and YES ... I see an eyeball ;--)
Marvelous moon photos!
Hugs and blessings,

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