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Watery Wednesday

Without a doubt, I believe Grandmothers have the right to brag! It is our right!  This is exactly what I am going to do here for Watery Wednesday. This here is my grandson Jeremiah Lee at age 3. It is Christmas day at Laguna Beach Ca. I am a picture taking nut, not a photographer, just a picture taker. I have a gazillion pictures and without even thinking about it twice, these 3 are my all time favorite!




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These were some lovely pictures of a great kid. Thanks for sharing

Yes, as a Grandmother you have every right to brag !! I know I do :-) That also includes my just like a granddaughter, Taylor :-)

Love these photos...especially that last one. he has just the right amount of mischief, glinting in his eyes. :-) He's adorable !!

These are beautiful portraits! What a beautiful spirit your grandson has!

Aw! He's super cute! I would brag too, if it was me. :)

He's adorable ... in a perfect watery setting ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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