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More flowers for Mellow Yellow Monday

"Todays Mellow Yellow Monday is all flowers I have been able to capture this last week. I realize most of you have been able to post flowers for awhile now, but where I live it is just now starting to happen." 
Yea, I finally have springtime on the first day of summer!!!




For other Mellow Yellow Monday pics go check out Drowsey the host by clicking below!!!


Hi Allison
I just read your bio and I am a little confused..you live in California and it's just blooming now?
I give up. Love your blog and your photo's.
Happy MYM
Love Claudie

Hi Claudie, Yes I live in Ca. way up in the mountains of northeastern, Ca. Honest to goodness we have not had any spring . It has been cold and windy. Not like our usual beautiful springs. Our high today was 53 degrees. Our nights are below freezing a lot.Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment.

Pretty flowers. Your area is similar to mind. I am on the Great Lakes in Central Ontario. We have had a cool and wet spring also. Our flowers started a short while ago and more are coming in. Finally.

Great photos.


Happy spring and summer! Looks like everything is blooming at once - how wonderful!

Those are beautiful...

Well, except for that fourth one. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely flowering shrub...but I'm highly allergic to it.

Thankfully it's stopped blooming around here..

Great captures !!

These are wonderful shots!
I love the perspective with which you shot the daisies.

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