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To my readers a big Thank You

Those that read my blog and those that are my friends, know my father died 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I have been having a harder time with this then I thought I would. Not because of anything other than the fact I "thought" I had myself prepared. Dad had been having a hard time since December so it was not like it was unexpected. He was 87 years young and had a great and very healthy life. A fall in the hallway with subsequent 2 broken vertebrae because of the fall started the decline in his way of living life.
I just wanted to thank you all for the well wishes, prayers and thoughts in my time of need.
My last little personal hurdle is Sunday. Father's Day. It goes without saying it will be a rough one.
Again, I just wanted to say Thanks. And please stick around, I will start posting after this weekend again on a regular basis.

Will be thinking of you on Father's Day - it is hard to go through the first set of holidays without a family memeber that has passed. It does get easier. I find that if I do something other than what I always did on the first holiday- it helps make it easier. Go somewhere, be with new folks - anyhting different. I lost my dad when I was 24 - that was hard and then my mom 3 years ago - that was even harder but you do make it thru! Many hugs!


My heart goes out to you. The first year is especially tough, especially with a day like that. I still have a tough time on Mother's Day 14 years later, but day to day does seem to get easier. Be gentle with you. Let your grief take its own time and its own path. I think it's always a little different for each of us how we process it, but it does get better.

I hope that Father's Day was not too rough on you. Give yourself time to heal and grieve. Even when you are expecting something like this, it still devastating.


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