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I told you I was not guilty

"I myself have never had a real opinion on the death penalty either for or against it. Undecided. On one hand, if someone does a hideous crime they should pay the ultimate price.
But for me the question is what is the "ultimate price" In many of these cases such as those against women and children I always felt that death for them is an easy way out. BUT if they had to live with life in prison w/o any chance of parole, I would think that their lives would be lived in constant fear. The code even with prisoners is these types of crimes are a big no-no. NOT to be tolerated. Set these inhumane humans in the same yard with the rest of the population and things would get taken care of.
Of course it does not happen like that. The molesters and rapists end up segregated from the rest of the inmates for "their own protection" which of course I don't see any reason to protect them since there was no one there to protect the victims from them."

 Regardless of what my personal undecided thoughts on the death penalty are, I do know one thing. That in the United States of America there should be no screw-ups in the judicial system in these cases. Anyone that reads my blog here knows I am an avid supporter of the innocence project and find myself getting e-mails from this great group of people informing me (and anyone else who will listen) that they are freeing a man who has been found innocent due to DNA testing.
"Some of these men have lived decades behind bars for crimes they did not commit.Some have been on death row for years waiting for the "ultimate punishment""
Well  yesterday I received an e-mail that was more than disturbing. It has now been proven that we (yes I say we) Americans have now killed an innocent man for a crime he always said he did not commit and now it is known he did not commit it.

What do we have to say for ourselves? OOPS!
I just don't think so.

I wonder how many others, sat for years on death row knowing they were innocent, telling anyone who would listen that they were innocent, and obviously we did not listen. It sickens my heart.
Perhaps we ought to rethink the death penalty if we can't get it right.
That may or may not be the answer, but we have to do something.
We can never allow this to happen again.
God Bless the innocence project for doing all they are doing.

I urge you to take a look at the innocence project and see what this great group is doing. They need all the help they can get, let alone the wrongfully convicted men and women of the United States!

And my indecisiveness of the death penalty? I want no part in killing an innocent person!

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