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1921 was a good year for me!

Today is a very special day in my family. My Daddy and his birthday. Born in 1921, my father is a young 87 years old today!
This was taken last year in my daddy's atrium. This is the house I grew up in from the time I was 16 months old until I moved out . This "atrium" is right smack in the middle of my dad's house. The glass sliding door that you see behind him( flirting with my girlfriend Cindy) goes to his bedroom. There are another 2 in that atrium also.
It is a beautiful spot. And while it is nothing more than a 3 bedroom house, pretty much like all the others (middle class) made in those days, my daddy always said, If I wanted a 3 bedroom house I could have bought anywhere. But if I wanted a 3 bedroom house with an atrium in the middle of it, My option was right here, meaning in La Mirada California. A town that was nothing but orange groves all around when they purchased this house.

Behind him in this picture is another of the 3 glass sliding doors that are in that atrium, and this one goes down the hallway. This was taken last year when he met my new puppy "Buick" for the first time. They became fast friends. My mother died in May of 1990, and had she lived just another 7 months they would have had their 50th wedding anniversary. I have 2 older brothers, by 8 and 10 years. I was born to them a little later in their life. My Daddy never remarried and as I said before still lives in the same house.
Just a note, It is always fascinating to me to hear his stories of growing up. He was dirt poor and never lived in a house with a bathroom until after he met and married my mother. It never ceases to amaze me just how much this world has changed in less than 100 years.

Many many happy returns of the wonderful day to your father.
Loved your heartwarming post and the pretty pictures, which brought back to me my parent's home and our pets.

Thanks for sharing the precious moments of your life.
Keep posting for I shall be back for more.

Thank you for the kind words. I always appreciate it when someone stops in and leaves a comment. Please do stop by again,

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