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I am losing it. My front tooth that is

Jeremiah doing the bashful picture taking thing. Yea the same Jeremiah that hams it up for ALL my zillions of pictures I have of him already on my camera and in my computer. A this grinnin' grandma (that would be me) wanted to do is get a picture of him losing that front tooth. No doubt he is going to be singing "all I want for Christmas is my two (2) front teeth," this coming holiday season. I really expected him to lose it that day or night but he did not. He was spending the night at my house when he lost his first tooth and I was thrilled as I figured my days of being the tooth fairy were long gone. So the grinnin' grandma was a little disappointed he did not lose it on this night, but we were pretty busy with skunks and dogs etc.Which is all explained on this blog under Skunks!!! and a Saturday night.

But I did finally get the picture I wanted. I also think it had nothing to do with me just getting lucky.
(He just so happened to have been eating cereal on our newly almost done front porch and he probably just did not want his cereal to get soggy.)


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