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Well it seems that with no intent at all , I just so happened to have written about others peoples blogs/sites the last couple days. The first one can be seen on here. This is of course my shameless blog promotion of my main site which is Wood Alley. And day before yesterday it just so happened that what I consider to be my ultimate favorite woodworking blog Scrollsaw Goodies and it's writer Travis, just so happened to have started podcasting about his scrolling. Because I really do love his blog so much and really am excited for him and for his readers about his new podcasting venture, I really did want to write about it. I have a whole set of different readers on that site, and it feels good to pass the word around.
Then Yesterday I wrote about TechFlaps/Waves of Technology written by Binish Mathew on this blog in the preceding post (and actually two other posts).
I really do this for only one reason. That is to let my personal friends and family (that mainly are my main readers here on just my day blog) and for my friends and readers in the woodworking community know of blogs/sites that I feel are key to woodworking know about these places.
Since I find myself writing about others blogs I cannot stop with out writing about one more. That would be KING AL'S THOUGHTS OF THE DAY. Albert the writer named his blog well, as this is exactly what it is, simply his thoughts of the day. Unlike the two blog/sites mentioned above that I so enjoy, Albert's blog is not theme based. It has a new and quite different post everyday. He obviously has a lot of readers as he generates a lot of comments, and they too are great fun to read. I found him and his blog thru Blog Catalog, and when I checked his out for the first time there were several things that caught my attention. One being in his header where most people have "about me", He has "almost nothing you ever wanted to know about me" . My thought first thing is humor! I love that. Then when I went on to read almost nothing I ever wanted to know about him, he has listed a love of baseball. That just so happens to be my favorite sport. But the main thing that caught my eye is that this blog is what I was looking for as a blog read. Everyone has their preferences and mine just so happens to be a blog like this. You never know what is going to be written and you never know what kind of comments it will generate. Something quite different every day makes this blog a pleasure to read. So to my family and friends who are reading this , give him and his blog a "check it out thing" you may very well find yourself such as I "checking it out on a daily basis"

Thanks for the thumbs up - I really appreciate it!
-- King Al

I really was trying explain that I just really like these blogs. I was not looking for a thumbs-up. Honestly

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