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Yup, This is exactly what I feel like and perhaps look like. I keep telling myself that I am NOT going to change my template again, but I do, again and again. There was one I kept holding out for but I was having problems with it and never could figure it out. I just gave up. I have tried this one before and always thought it was super nice, and I still feel the same. It is CRAZY however what one has to do to change one. There's the widgets, which I have got down pretty good when it comes to changing the template, ahhhh but there is sooo much more. Adding the extra columns on the footer, the star ratings if you want them, (which I do but I don't know why cuz no one ever uses them . LOL!!!) Then there's the label cloud (which I personally happen to love.) The ADD THIS bookmark button. Redoing the comments, and then also the link list. I also have to show my must reads, and then I have decided to go back to some of the non-professional bullshit widgets that always put a smile on my face,and after all I am the one that's here the most LOL!!! There is the page loading AJAX that I always seem to have to want/have. The top of page icon. Oh shit, I don't think I did that yet. Then there's the color chooser for a lot of the above. It is enough to make anyone one look and feel like goofy!
And speaking of Goofy.
Do you know why Mickey Mouse divorced Minnie Mouse?
Because she was fucking goofy!
I could not resist!!!Photobucket

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