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Another innocent man set free!

Johnnie Earl Lindsey walked out of a Dallas courtroom this morning a free man after serving nearly 26 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit.

He was 31 years old when he was convicted in 1982 of raping a woman in a Dallas park; he is 56 years old today. It wasn't until a year after the assault that the victim identified him as the perpetrator, in a six-photo lineup that police had mailed to her. She had said the attacker was a shirtless African-American man, and Lindsey was one of the two shirtless men in the lineup.

Lindsey, who is represented by public defender Michelle Moore, is the 21st person cleared by DNA testing in Dallas County since 2001, more than any other county in the nation in that time frame.

Read more about his release here.
And I ask you to do so.

I am always thinking how horrible it would be to be put through something like this. I have never known any one personally or even know of someone that knows of someone that has been in this situation. I write about this Innocence Project because I think it deserves it. I am sure there are soooo many prisoner's in prison that say they are innocent, but if you read this gentleman's story you will see not only did he have an alibi (he was at work) His boss testified to that. And then to think they got a conviction due to a line-up given via mail 1 year down the road to the victim is just so hard to believe.
I live in Ca. 25 miles from 2 very big prisons in Susanville and now we have a federal prison in Herlong just a few miles from that. When I moved up here in 1978 there was just the one prison. (The California Correctional Center ) also known as C.C.C. and now we have the other two. It used to be whenever I would see old friends when visiting where I grew up (Southern Ca, Orange County) and would be asked where I lived no-one had heard of Susanville, now it seems as tho' everyone knows due to these prisons.

But I was told something by a prison guard that worked at C.C.C. that I have never forgotton. I was a bartender, and this particular man would come in every day to have a beer after his day shift at the prison. He would always talk about the job (The stress, pay, etc.) and it was right in the middle of the other prison being built. (High Desert State Prison) I had made some remark about how many more people would be moving to this part of the county (Lassen) due to the new prison. I also mentioned that I loved the little town atmosphere of Susanville, (at the time) I also want to add I am fully aware that these prisons had to be built somewhere. Anyway this guard said to me , Of course Allison there will be a huge amount of new people moving here due to this new prison being built, and then he said, "After all, California prisoner's and the prisons are the biggest cash crop in the state"
I will never forget those words.

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